German Auto Service performs regular maintenance operations; however, our expertise lies in highly technical electronic and fuel injection work.

Diagnosis, maintenance and repair are performed on the following systems:

  • Gasoline Fuel Injection
  • Diesel Fuel Injection
  • Anti-Lock Brake Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Hybrid Ignition
  • Electronic Systems
  • Accessories

German Auto Service also offers the following maintenance services:

  • Computerized Four Wheel Alignments
  • Factory Software Downloads For Some Vehicles
  • Factory Specified Maintenance Schedules For All Vehicles
  • Free Safety Inspection Performed on All Vehicles
  • Pre-purchase Vehicle Inspections
  • Computerized Tire Mounting and Balancing on up to 20” wheels
  • Analysis and Repair of Steering, Suspension, Brakes and Drive train
  • Free Shuttle Service

The combination of advanced technical training for technicians, and the use of original equipment quality and Genuine Bosch Service Parts, and the proper equipment to install them, assure vehicle owner's will receive the finest service available.

DINAN Performance For BMW: German Auto Service is Western Michigan's exclusive dealer for DINAN high performance parts and accessories for BMW's. DINAN is a west coast automotive engineering company dedicated to developing the fastest, best handling BMW's without compromising the excellent BMW reliability and comfort.

German Auto Service Ltd. is proud to announce that we are now the exclusive Unitronic dealer for the West Michigan area!

Unitronic Chipped Genuine Performance Software will allow you to appreciate a truly unforgettable driving experience. Avoid the unpleasant surprises associated with low grade and counterfeit performance software, such as irregular malfunctions, Check Engine Lights, poor fuel efficiency and mechanical failure. Invest your hard earned money wisely; choose software that has a proven reliability record, the highest quality standards and a world renowned reputation. If you care about your car, don't settle for just any software; choose Unitronic Chipped Genuine Performance Software.


At German Auto Service we recognize that reliable information is crucial to performing accurate and timely repairs. We utilize the following information sources when servicing your vehicle.

Bosch Service Information System: Bosch offers continuously updated CD Rom of service information and a hot line connection to the Bosch Technical Department. You can count on us for the very finest service in Bosch Gasoline Fuel Injection, Diesel Fuel Injection, Anti-Lock Brake Systems, Electrical Systems, Hybrid Ignition and Electronic Systems...all areas in which Bosch has become a world leader during its 100 years serving the automotive public. 

German Auto is proud to be an ALLDATA certified shop allowing our technicians to diagnose computerized engine control and emissions information faster and more accurately, decreasing your labor charges and wait time. ALLDATA allows us to preview thousands of technical service bulletins by symptom so we can solve tough drive-ability problems in seconds. In addition to updated diagnostic services, ALLDATA provides German Auto technicians with complete, accurate and illustrated repair procedures. ALLDATA will also print safety and recall information for your vehicle so our technicians can make you aware of any changes.

World Pac Dial Information allows a world-wide part search and overnight part availability ensuring the customer the least cost and the shortest wait for specialized parts.

Mitchell-on-Demand including Mitchell Repair Net, an internet subscription service designed to continuously update technicians on service information. Mitchell Estimating is used to uniformly and accurately estimate labor and parts costs for each individual job.

IATN: The International Automotive Technicians' Network is the largest network of automotive repair professionals in the world: a group of 61,974 from 151 countries. The members of this group exchange technical knowledge with their peers around the globe, sharing over 1 million years of experience.

Diagnostic Tools

Our highly skilled technicians utilize state of the art diagnostic equipment to ensure your vehicle is repaired properly.

Autologic Diagnostic System: The Autologic Diagnostic System is designed to replicate the
functionality of OEM tools used by automotive manufacturers. It allows independent shops to provide all the same functions as dealership tools including full Coding and Programming, immobilizer alignment, setting of car/key memory options, clearing adaptation values, full component activation and reading and resetting of fault codes. Additional features of the Autologic system include, data logging, technical support and regular software updates.

Autodiagnos, an award winning diagnostic tool utilizes a multi-tester strategy to diagnose and interface with the vehicle in various ways.  Diagnostic capabilities include troubleshooting ignition, ABS Systems, as well as general electrical faults. This highly flexible diagnostic instrument allows communication with multiple vehicle models and using OEM protocols, standardized OBD II as well as CAN buses. The multi-tester pro model is portable and allows measurement of on-the-road performance. 

 Durametric is a state of the art diagnostic tool that provides unprecedented access to Porsche computer systems. This tool allows the independent repair facility to reset service reminders, read and clear diagnostic trouble codes, display actual values and activate vehicle functions on a multitude of late model and early Porsche vehicles.

 Ross Tech A software package and interface that emulates the functions of the manufacturer’s proprietary scan tools for VW/Audi products.