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We Are Moving! - Summer 2021

German Auto Service will be moving to an all new facility this summer. Come see us at:

2189 Avastar Pkwy
Grand Rapids MI, 49544




We are very excited to share with you a project we have been working on for several years now. Our amazing customers have helped us stay very, very busy and we are forever thankful for that. However, we have developed such a back log of work that we often are not able to service vehicles within a timely manner. If you called for an appointment in the past few years you know we are generally booking a month or more in advance.  While this is great for job security, it has created issues for customers who need their vehicle every day. The obvious solution would be to increase our staff to handle the additional work but so far that has not been possible due to the size of our current shop. We needed to move.

The goals for our new building were simple. We needed to increase the capacity of the shop without moving too far from the neighborhood we have called home for close to fifty years. We feel our new location meets these goals. The new shop has easy access from both US 131 and I-96. Customers coming from the south can exit the highway at Ann Street and avoid traffic further north on Alpine Avenue. It is just a five-minute drive from our current location so customers who live or work downtown will not have far to travel. Of course, our free shuttle service will assist with any logistical issues.

To increase our capacity the new building will be 50% larger and allow for additional technicians. We will also be upgrading much of our equipment to ensure we remain on the cutting edge of technology and efficiency. The facility will provide a more comfortable and productive work environment for our amazing staff.

The design of the new building will allow the potential for future expansion or diversification into other areas of our industry. In addition to our facility, there are two smaller suites in the same building to be leased. We hope to find businesses to fill these suites that compliment German Auto Service in some way. A detail center, automotive accessory dealer, paint protection installer, chassis dyno or vehicle storage facility could create some convenient options for our customers.

We have already broken ground at our building site and hope to be up and running sometime in the early summer of 2021. Updates on the progress will be available via social media so follow along if you are interested in the process.

Thank you to all our amazing customers, friends, family, staff, and business partners that have helped to make this dream a reality. We cannot wait to share this new chapter of German Auto Service with you.

- Ben & Joe Zeeuw