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German Auto Service Car Show/Open House 2023

On behalf of German Auto Service, I would like to invite you to our 14th annual open house and car show. The event will take place on Saturday August 26th, 2023, from 10:00am to 2:00pm at our Grand Rapids facility.

We have partnered with Can'd Aid to create a charity raffle that will take place at the open house. All attendees will have the option of purchasing tickets to participate. The winners of the raffle can choose from a variety of fabulous prizes donated by GAS.* All proceeds will benefit Can'd Aid.  Check them out in advance at

As with past events, we will also host a car show for anyone who would like to participate.

Complimentary bratwurst and beverage will be provided this year by our amazing staff. 

Event details:

Date - August 26th 2023
Time - 10:00am-2:00pm
Location - 2189 Avastar Pkwy, Grand Rapids, MI 49544
Cost - 100% Free (excluding options donations or purchase of raffle tickets)

Car Show Details

Who can participate?
The car show is open to all German made vehicles. We have also been known to make an exception for particularly interesting cars not of German origin. Just email to confirm.

Who determines the winners?
You do! Anyone who registers for the car show and checks in at the event will be given a ballot to pick their favorites. In the event of a tie and in the case of the "GAS's Choice" award an executive decision may be made by our staff.

What are the classes?
We will change it up a bit this year and have a single class for each German make. The classes break down as follows:
Best VW
Best Audi
Best BMW
Best Porsche
Best Mercedes Benz
Best Other
Best in show
GAS's Choice

Who gets to park in the shop?
If you are interested in the limited parking inside the shop, please email with some photos and a brief description of your vehicle. The best entries will get a spot reserved for them inside. If you park inside, you will be required to stay for the entirety of the event for safety reasons.

What time should I get there?
If you have a reserved spot in the shop, we request that your vehicle be in place by no later than 10:00am. If you are parking outside, please arrive before 11:00am and our staff will guide you to the appropriate parking spot.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.



*Raffle prizes are non-transferrable and carry no cash value.